Status as on 31st December 2016


A. Search for Individual Old Age Pension Beneficiary 

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NOTE: - To view the record for month of December of the Financial Year 2016-17, please enter name along with at least one more field and then press "Submit" button for example:- If your name is "Surjeet" and address is "4/A Shalimar Park, Delhi", then you can enter either "Surjeet" or part of the name like "Sur" along with either "4/A Shalimar Park, Delhi" or part of the address like "Shalimar" or any other information like constituency number or Bank/PO Acc Num or Father/Husband Name.


B. Search  for Old Age Pension Beneficiaries- District Wise & Constituency Wise & Aadhar Wise
NOTE: - To view the records for Month-December of the FY 2016-17 district wise, please Select the District from the list shown on clicking the above "District Wise" link.