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It was on 2nd Nov, 1931 academician Sh. Kalidas Bhattacharya established Govt. Lady Noyce school with Just two students. The school faced number of birth pangs however Kalidas Bhattacharya turned the School into a strong institution through his deep sense of service,sheer dedication and solid confidence over a period of time . It was post independence on 1st April 1948 the administration of the school was taken over by Govt that time the school had strong economic position as well as a proper building,

It was post GOI take over the institution moved towards new phase of growth and expansion. The number of teachers and the students>grewfast, hostel facilities were>setup for students coming from places outside of Delhi and new building block were added. For safe and comfortable commuting to school and back to their homes bus services from Delhi Transport Corporation were introduced for the school children. Presently the school is run and. managed by Department of Social Welfare, Govt NCT Delhi.

At present the school caters to the educationhearing impaired children from primary to senior Secondary levels. To impart education with latest techniques and approach many class rooms are equipped with group hearing aids set up with dueconsideration tothe hearing impairment levels of school children.

As per the curriculum, main emphasis during the first four years is onspeech

language , Writing & reading and development of  communication skills, Such programs prepare the students toundergo Study curriculum adopted for normal & children beyond the initial phase, the process of imparting is same as for the normal children. The students from the school finally take the Central Board of Secondary Education exam for finishing their school. The school has been registering.>SuperiorPerformance by students on consistent basis.

The educationhearing impaired children, is truly a difficult and challengingtask.This requires considerable commitments and patience by theteaching, &>Staff aswell as frequent counselling session with parents. Additionally the school also supports vocational training programs covering stitching, embroidery and other similar skills. The school imparts education free and provides subsidy for uniform and books.

Govt. Lady Noyce School for Hearing impaired is the largest institution of kind in north India.

Last Update Date :- 23-02-2018

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