Govt. Senior Secondary School for Blind Boys
I. Introduction:

         The school for the blind as named above in full terms is unique in itself and it is the only school in Delhi run by the Department of Social Welfare, GNCT, Delhi.


        The school is affiliated with the Center Board of Secondary Education, Delhi for last so many years and imparts education to Braille system from Class 1st to Class 12th to the blind boys only.


II. A Short Profile about the School:


        As already mentioned above the school is run under Department of Social Welfare, GNCT of Delhi, which is a residential / special school for visually challenged along with all necessary facilities to provide free of cost, not only boarding & lodging are provided free of cost, but also the education and medical facilities (as required) are provided free of cost. The operators & appliances related to the education of the blind such as Braille slates, Stylee, Audio CDs, CD/DVD Players, Walking Sticks etc are purchased by the school and provided each of the students free of cost. A Braille text books, Reference books, Print Text books and all other books of children interest to gain knowledge are provided  free of cost.


        The school organizes many co-curricular activities with a view to bring out all round development of the visually challenged children including sports and games, cultural activities like , bal sabha’s functions & annual function enabling the students to participate in group songs and many more activities, events like vocal music, instrumental music, classical & light both, mono actings, poem recitation, self composed poem recitation, Braille essay reading / writing, story writing, debates, extempore speeches (in Hindi & English)  and many more cultural activities & events of competition, which boost not only the all round development of the blind children, but enable them to participate in the society and avail equal opportunity in the community at large in a better way.


        The school being special one for the visually challenged includes plus curriculum too. The concept of plus curriculum for visually challenged children includes - a)Training in mobility and orientation); b) training in daily leaving skills ; c) the sensory training; d) use of Braille & e) use of operators & appliances pertaining to Braille.


        The school provides an environment that encourages a questioning mind and gives students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills.


        The students study Humanities in class XI & XII. Computers have been introduced from class sixth onwards. The dexterity of the fingers moving on the keyboard reflects the perfection of the students.


        Academics have adopted wide connotations in this School for Visually Handicapped because the endeavor of the school is to work for the all round development of the children.


        The students of the school are excellent sports persons & athletes. They have proved their capabilities in the different national & international sports competitions; the latest achievement was 1 silver medal in athlete in the IBSA Youth and Students Championship 2011 held at Colorado, USA& achieved 11 silver and 6 bronze medals in 18th B.R.A.-IBSA National Sports Meet for the Blind, 2012.


        To stimulate their creativity hobby classes in Music are also offered after the school hours.


        It is worth mentioning that the schools for blind all over the world have traditionally been including in the curriculum of the school subjects like music and craft including chair recanning, candle making, chalk making etc as apart of the curriculum. The same is the practice in this school too, but we have also carefully gone ahead to include use of computer as a part of school curriculum to enable our students to benefit from the modern technology.


III. A Brief History of the School:


        The school was established under the Directorate of Social Welfare on 14th November, in 1969. It was inaugurated by the then Executive Councilor Shri Ram Lal Verma, Incharge of Directorate of Social Welfare, Delhi Administration. This initiative was taken by the government to provide the quality education to VI children- irrespective of class, caste, religion and creed - free of cost.      


        The school was first setup to impart education upto primary standard with all amenities. Gradually, the school was upgraded from primary level to middle level in 1974 and it was upgraded to the secondary level – upto class 10th in 1981 and finally, the school was further upgraded to senior secondary level through a scheme of “Upgradation of the School” of the department in 1995.


IV. Admissions:


        The visually challenged children aging from 06 to 16 years of age are eligible to apply for the admission in this school in class I and other classes particularly class VI & class IX.


        The students are admitted after an interview & screening.


        The parents of blind children / students have to submit the following documents:-

  • Medical Certificate of Visual Disability issued by the Chief Medical Officer.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Mark-sheet & School Leaving Certificate
  • Proof of caste (in case of SC/ST/OBC)
  • Affidavit from the parent to the effect that he will not misuse / damage to the school property during his stay in the school.

        The admissions are started in the month of April, May & July of every year. The admissions are entertained according the availability of the seats.


V. Hobby Classes:


        Hobby classes are also arranged free of cost after school hours to churn out their talents.

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