Social Security and Old Age Welfare

The Government of NCT of Delhi, is providing, free of cost, facility to old age persons for staying at Old Age Homes. The Government has established two Old Age Homes – one, at Tilak Vihar shifted in Bindapur, Pocket –IV, Dwarka, Delhi. being run by the Department directly, and another at Lampur being run in collaboration with a NGO. Status of these Homes, is as follows:-

1. Old Age Home at Bindapur : Old Age Home which was situated at Tilak Vihar, was now shifted to Bindapur is being run departmentally by the Department of Social Welfare. Total capacity of the Home is 50 persons. There are 11 employees working in the Home under the control of Superintendent. Government is providing free of cost boarding, lodging and medical facilities. There is one First-Aid Centre in the Home. One part-time Doctor and one Nurse are working in the Home. In case of need for medical check-up and medical facilities, the old age persons are referred to the nearby Government Hospital. Admission of the Old Age Home is open to destitute old and infirm persons who are in the age group of 60 yrs and above and not suffering from any communicable disease. The admission committee comprising of Dy. Director (SS), Concerned District Social Welfare Officer, Sr. Account Officer and Supdt. of the concerned Home decide upon the cases for admission.

2. Old Age Home at Lampur : Old Age Home at Lampur has been established in a Government building. It has a capacity of 100 inmates. However, at present, there are 16 inmates only. There are 09 employees working in the Home, which includes part-time Doctor, Nurse and Programme Manager. The Home is being rub by the Government in collaboration with NGO namely, Delhi Brotherhood Society. The Government has signed an Agreement with the NGO in September, 2009. As per the Agreement, 50% of the seats will be from the Government nominees and 50% paid seats. The Government is providing grants to NGO towards recurring and non-recurring expenditure in respect of persons recommended by the Government (free seats). For admission in the Home, an Admission Committee has been constituted. The Committee is headed by Deputy Director (Social Security) of the Social Welfare Department, which includes also the Project Manager of the NGO Society and the District Social Welfare Officer (North West-II).


S.No. Name of the Institute Address Type District Phone Sanctioned Inmate Strength Beneficiaries
1 Old Age Home (run by Delhi Govt.) incolabration with Delhi Brother Hood Society under Public Private Partnership Old Age Home Lampur, near Beggar Home Lampur, Near Narela, Delhi Non Statutory Institutions North West-II R.K. Mishra (Project Manager) 9350295303 100 25
2 Old Age Home (Delhi Govt.) Dept. of Social Welfare Bindapur, Delhi. Non Statutory Institutions West 28332323 50 78

Last Update Date :- 20-02-2018

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