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1.  Classification and purposes of Grant: The grants to be sanctioned under these rules shall be classified as under:

(a.) Grants for items of non-recurring expenditure-

(1) Construction of new building or for carrying out additions/ alterations of a substantial nature in the existing building of an institution;

(2) for the purchase of general equipment and furniture;

(3) forthe purpose of plant and machinery for industrial and vocational training.

(4) for the purchase of medical or surgical appliances other than minor items of recurring nature;

(5) for electric installation or arrangements for supply of water including improvements and extension thereof.

(b) Grants for items of recurring expenditure-

(1) for the general maintenance of inmates including their dieting, clothing, refreshments, medical and education;

(2) for the purchase of books, stationery and other educational material of the inmates;

(3) for the purchase of books, periodicals, and newspapers for the institution’s library;

(4) for the purchase of raw material for industrial and vocational training of inmates;

(5) for administrative expenditure to voluntary organizations for ensuring certain minimum staff structure and qualified personnel to improve their effectiveness and expand their activities.

Provided that the grant shall not exceed twenty five percent of approved administrative expenditure on pay and allowances of the personnel of the voluntary organization concerned.

(6) Subject to the guidelines of the Government of India, the schemes, which are partially funded by the Government of India and partially by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi with certain contribution from the NGO.

(7) for the purchase of games and sports materials

(8) for the purchase of medicines and minor appliances/equipment;

(9) for expenditure in contingencies such as building rent, electric and water charges, hot and cold weather charges, postage, telephone charges, conveyance charges, liveries and petty periodical repairs of building including white washing of the walls and painting of the doors etc;

(10) any other unforeseen items the expenditure on which is incurred with the prior approval of the Government of National Territory of Delhi.


(c) The Grant-in-Aid on recurring expenditure shall be provided to the extent of not more than ninety percent of the total expenditure on salaries and allowances and there recurring establishment and office expenses.

(d) Notwithstanding anything stated above, the Government of National Territory of Delhi (hereinafter called “ the Government “) may release fixed grants under Public-Private Partnership, Bhagidari or any such initiative as per approved Plan Scheme.

2. Quantum of Grants-  

(a) Grant of items of non-recurring expenditure –


  1. Grants for capital expenditure in respect of new construction of buildings, additions and alterations to the existing buildings or for purchase of machinery and equipment etc, shall not exceed seventy five percent of the total expenditure involved. In case, an institution receives free, any item of equipment of building, its value shall be assessed and grant for purchase of equipment of building shall be based on the reduced amount. The estimates of the cost of construction of the building shall be subject to the approval of Public work Department of Government of National Territory of Delhi. A copy of each of site-plan, of the proposed building and estimated cost of construction shall be submitted to Public work Department, Government of National Territory of Delhi;
  2. Fifty percent of the grant for building shall be released at the outset before the commencement of the work and the recent fifty percent shall be released at the time when the building is declared fit for occupation. This second installment of grant shall be released only after Public work Department has certified that the work as been carried out according to plan, and the overall expenditure has not been less than the estimated cost for which the Government has accorded its approval for the purpose of grant;
  3. In case of non-recurring Grant-in-aid for the construction of building or for carrying out Additions / alterations of substantial nature in the existing building of an instruction, the sanctioning authority must consider invoking the provisions of rule 209(6) (vi) of the General Financial Rules, regarding the ownership issue of the building which provided as under:-

“The sanctioning authority, while laying down the pattern of assistance, may decide whether the ownership of the building constructed grant-in-aid may vest with Government or the grantee Institution or Organization. Where the ownership is vested in the Government, grantee Institution or Organization may be allowed to occupy the building as a lessee. In such cases suitable record of dentils of location, cost, name of lessee and terms and conditions of lease must be mainlined in the records of the granting Ministry or Department. In all cases of building constructed grant-in-aid, responsibility of maintenance of such building should be laid on the grantee Institution or Organization.

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